Welcome to the official website of the Nigerian Navy Hydrographic Office (NNHO). The Navy was established by the act of parliament in 1964. The act, among other things, vested the responsibility of conducting hydrographic surveys and charting of Nigeria’s waters on the Nigerian Navy (NN). The Armed Forces CAP A20 Laws of the Federation of Nigeria, further charged the NN with the responsibility of charting and coordination of all national hydrographic surveys in Nigeria’s waters. Accordingly, the NNHO was established to carry out this function on behalf of the NN. This, therefore made the NNHO the Charting Authority for Nigeria.

As Nigeria’s Charting Authority, the NNHO obtains hydrographic data from the coastal and offshore Nigeria through own surveys, as well as other surveys conducted by various maritime operators in the course of their activities within Nigeria’s waters. The Office also obtains hydrographic data of Nigeria’s inland waters, ports and channels from the National Inland Waterways Authority and the Nigerian Ports Authority, as well as the Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency for the purpose of updating existing charts and production of new ones for the purpose of maintaining security and safety of Navigation within Nigeria’s waters. In addition, the Office also obtains tidal harmonic constituents of various ports and harbours for the tidal predictions and eventual production of Tidal Prediction Tables for these areas. Furthermore, the NNHO obtains information regarding uncharted dangers and rig movements within Nigeria’s water, which is promulgated as Maritime Safety Information through the relevant section of this web for all mariners operating in Nigeria’s water to navigate with caution

These activities show that the task of maintaining security and safety within Nigeria’s waters is a collective effort/responsibility of all stakeholders in Nigeria’s maritime domain. Therefore, it behooves all stakeholders; government agencies, maritime industry operators, ship owners, captains/masters of ships and maritime security operators among others, who use our products to give us feedbacks, as well as information that would enable us improve our hydrographic service delivery to the Nation and the entire world. This would not only ensure that our products meet international standards, but would also ensure that the right security and safety conditions are created in our maritime environment in order to improve Nigeria’s global maritime image and revenue generation through the maritime sector for the general good of all Nigerians.

Why Work with us?

In line with SOLAS conventions Chapter 5, Regulation 9, the principal objective of NNHO is to provide accurate and up-to date hydrographic services to national  and international agencies as well as public and private maritime stakeholders. This is in order to support the NN and other maritime security agencies in their efforts to maintain adequate security within Nigeria’s waters, as well as, promote improved maritime activities for better revenue generation for the Nigerian Government.

Leading the NNHO Projects               Cdre CE Okafor DSS psc+ fdc MSc fcis    (Hydrographer of the Nigerian Navy)